By George Stergioulas (AKADIMOS) 

The primary goal of the Emotional Distance Learning (EDL) project is to assist educators and instructors in comprehending the interpersonal, intrapersonal, social, and emotional elements that may impact the remote learning experience for adults. The project aims to equip them with strategies to effectively navigate and address these factors. Additionally, it furnishes educators and trainers with practical tools to enhance awareness and implement beneficial exercises in the classroom, fostering an environment where learners can acquire important skills. 

The collaborators of the Emotional Distance Learning (EDL) project assembled in Rome, renowned as the Eternal City, for a meeting scheduled on November 14th and 15th, 2023. This gathering was symbolically important, serving as the final in-person assembly, allowing partners to engage in personal discussions beyond their collaborative work setting. The Italian partners of #SkillUp demonstrated excellent organization, managing every essential detail of the partner meeting, and ensuring its successful execution. 

The initial day commenced with the introduction of PR.3; an educational online platform designed to accommodate the content from PR.2. This content encompasses 24 meticulously crafted modules and 36 digital tools, all developed by the EDL consortium partners. The platform is nearing completion, with the ongoing process of uploading all the created content. The online educational platform of EDL is a cost-free learning resource accessible via the provided link: 

Furthermore, on the initial day of the partner meeting in the Eternal City, the partners had the opportunity to share the feedback collected from the conducted Multiplier Events in their respective countries of Germany, Ireland, Spain, Italy, and Greece. The feedback from the participants was notably positive, reflecting the excellent efforts of all partners in achieving significant outcomes for the EDL project.  

On the second day of the Transnational Partner Meeting, various subjects were thoroughly discussed, including dissemination activities and the compilation of final documents, given that the Emotional Distance Learning project concludes on November 30th. Additionally, the partners reached a consensus on the methods by which external evaluators will assess the capabilities of the platform. 

The final partner meeting of the EDL project evoked a range of emotions among all participants. The sense of accomplishment stemmed from the high-quality results achieved in the EDL project. However, a hint of sadness persisted, recognizing that the remarkable collaboration consortium, characterized by the exceptional efforts of each partner and the shared positive and challenging experiences, would not have the opportunity, at least soon, for collective discussions, conversations, or humor. Nonetheless, there was a shared understanding that all good things must eventually come to an end. Yet, there remains a steadfast belief that each partner takes pride in the project’s outcomes, which will truly benefit the intended audience. As expressed by the partners at the end of the meeting, the journey will surely continue! 


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