By Emma Barker, Eurospeak

We are excited to share with you the latest updates on our EDL project! Just to remind in brief that EDL project aims to develop an innovative approach to address the challenges of emotional distance learning, which has become more prevalent in recent years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. EDL focuses on creating emotionally engaging learning materials to ensure that learners can connect with the content even when they are not physically present in a classroom. 

EDL partners are currently working to create introductory videos for Emotional Distance Learning modules in the framework of the second project result (PR2 – Training system for adult teachers /trainers in EDL), which is led by Babel Idiomas from Malaga, Spain. All partners have been working tirelessly to create high-quality, engaging videos that will be used to introduce learners to the emotional distance learning modules. The videos are designed to capture the learners’ attention and motivate them to engage with the learning materials fully. Each partner has brought their expertise to the table to create videos that are not only visually appealing but also emotionally engaging. The videos cover a range of topics, including mindfulness, stress management and emotional regulation. 

Eurospeak for example, has worked on developing 4 introductory videos for the EDL project aimed at addressing 4 key topics. The first video focuses on emotional distance at an intrapersonal level, highlighting the importance of self-reflection and emotional regulation. The second video focuses on emotional distance at an interpersonal level, exploring the impact of communication and social interactions on emotional well-being. The third video addresses group activities at an intrapersonal level, emphasizing the role of individual emotions in group dynamics. Finally, the fourth video addresses group activities at an interpersonal level, examining the importance of effective communication and collaboration in group settings. These videos are designed to capture the attention of learners, provide an engaging introduction to the modules and promote a deeper understanding of emotional distance learning.  These videos will prove to be a valuable asset to the EDL project. 

EDL partners have also been collaborating closely to ensure that the videos are consistent in terms of style and tone. They have been sharing feedback and working together to ensure that the videos are aligned with the project’s overall objectives. We believe that these introductory videos will play a crucial role in helping learners connect with the emotional distance learning modules. They will set the tone for the learning experience and help learners feel motivated and engaged throughout the process. 

In conclusion, we are excited about the progress that our partners have made in creating these introductory videos. We believe that they will be a valuable addition to the Emotional Distance Learning modules and help learners connect with the content on a deeper level. 

Thank you for your continued support of our Erasmus project! For more news, stay tuned! 

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