By Angie Rey, Babel idiomas

Education Distance Learning aims to help teachers and trainers understand inter- and intrapersonal, social and emotional factors that can affect the distance adult learning environment and learn ways to better manage them. Furthermore, it delivers tools for teachers and trainers to use in the classroom to provide awareness and practices for learners to acquire, as well. 

We at #Babel attended the second Transnational Project Meeting (TPM2) alongside our partners #INDEPCIE from Spain, #SkillUp from Italy, #HSW from Germany and #Akadimos from Greece, held in mid-May, in Dublin, Ireland by our partner, #EuroSpeak.  

During the first day of our TPM2 on the 15th of May 2023, we focused on the report for the results of Project Result 1 (PR1), in addition to reviewing Project Result 2 (PR2) and the following steps necessary to proceed.   

The report for PR1, which is a self-assessment tool that we created in order to help teachers and trainers become aware of their level of socio-emotional skills in distance learning, provides statistics about educators’ responses to the questionnaire. Across the board, including the different skills and different countries, data displays that more than half of all users show the need to be further trained in the skills provided in the course in the second part of the project, PR2. As you can imagine, we are elated that our course will be put to good use! If you are interested in looking at these results in further detail, the report will be posted on the project website:

As for PR2, which is a training system for educators that is being created in order to help teachers and trainers learn about intra- and interpersonal aspects of twelve socio-emotional skills and practices to better manage them in the online adult education environment, we are excited to be taking the final steps of adding some finishing touches to the course material. Each partner has created four modules, all of which are being created in engaging video, pdf, or PowerPoint form, full of interesting, relevant and helpful content of which we are eager to share with fellow educators. 

In the second half of our TPM2 on the 16th of May 2023, we focused on moving forward with the third part of the project, PR3, which is a toolkit that will consist of 36 tools, three for each socio-emotional skill, that are to be used by educators in the classroom to provide awareness and practices for learners to acquire their newfound knowledge about the twelve socio-emotional skills and better manage them, as well. Once we have finished putting the final touches to the course material in PR2, we will start working on creating these essential tools. 

Other topics covered in this TPM2 were project dissemination, management, and quality. We concluded this meeting with a clear vision of the necessary steps to complete in the final 7 months of the project creation, something that we are sure will be of great value and are eager to put out into the world to support our fellow educators and their learners. 

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